Our mission

IMG_1589Each of us has his own vision of the ideal Poland. Everyone certainly wishes that the quality of our education system was high, that the knowledge we adopt during the course of our studies was practical,  useful and skills we acquire could be used in our work.

We are convinced that investments in human capital are the best way to change the quality of life  in Poland and its image in the world. In the long term it is possible to raise the standard of the public debate, render the decision making process concerning strategic issues professional and backed by reliable analyses merely due to the hard and assiduous work. Only then we will be able to conduct a public debate which is open and full of respect, based on the search of consensus in belief that we all act for the common good.

By our activity in SKN FM we would like to contribute to creating these values. We believe that we do not have to unconsciously subject to the surrounding reality, but it is possible to build and change it. We would like to show that academic centers are able to act the way Poles dream of it.

“If we have an elegiac goal based on moral background, it is impossible for us to fail.”