What do we do?

Simply – debate. About various themes, not requiring deep knowledge of economics. We use a simplified version of the Oxford’s Debating System. Because participants often have to support a statement that they don’t agree with, debating teaches us the ability to see and understand other viewpoints. Due to the format, we improve our negotiating and argumentation skills in a balanced and reasonable way.

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How does it look like?

Usually, meetings take place twice a month. Apart from debating, we organise workshops about public speaking and argumentation. Ex-members of our section help us organise meetings, as their knowledge and experience is priceless. Besides, we create a forum for the exchange of information, news and links to useful articles and trainings.

What are our goals?

The project is directed internally – mainly for members SKN FM. We want to ensure for all participants of the Debates development in areas, which are very useful both on the job market and in everyday life. We do this by:

1)      Developing skills connected to public speaking, the art of argumentation and convincing

2)      Preparation for debating championships

3)      Integration and having fun 


Our section regularly has successes in the Oxford Debates Championships of SGH. In 2013, we won.

Members of our section have had great achievements in Championships of Poland in Parliamentary Debates. The biggest success was the first place in V Championships by Jacek Galiszewski and Paweł Pisany.


Do you want to join us?

Whether you want to take part in the training, debate, or watch the debate as a spectator – just come in, we do not conduct a special recruitment. In Section you can also act through co-organizing meetings.

Debates are one of few projects SKN FM, which does not require knowledge of economics – that is why we invite the first year students.

Some of our meeting will be held in English. You need to ask about the next debate in English.

If you want to join us, contact us: (Polish or English)

Piotr Szczerba

Robert Kozak

More about debating

“To make Poland a good and wise country”

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