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As the academic society of one of the best economic universities in Poland we feel obliged to contribute to the economic and social well-being of our country. In order to successfully address the increased interest in macroeconomics as well as the challenges faced by Polish economy, we have decided to host the Macroeconomic Congress.

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We organize Macroeconomics Congress yearly in cooperation with Warsaw School of Economics and Institute of the Socio-EconomicStudies.

Our aims

In its assumptions, the Macroeconomic Congress aims to connect the world of business, academia and students – the youth who have only started actively take part in the economic life of their country. We believe that the Congress, as a platform for exchange of thought and experience, will contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of the future economic decisions to be taken in Poland. Owing to the knowledge and expertise of outstanding economists the Congress will allowus to work out a strategic outlook on Poland’s macroeconomic situation.


We deeply believe that completing the goals, that we assumed will allow us to create a place for cooperation based on mutual trust and respect. In the long run we wouldlike to stimulate development of a newgeneration of economists and businesspeoplewhowill be able to lead Poland to a newstage of economic development.


Join us!

Since February 2014 our team hasbeenpreparingsecondedition of MacroeconomicsCongress. Wouldyoulike to join us?

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