Student’s Economic and Social Review

Whatdo we do?


We create an opportunity for students to publish their own articles in Student’s Economic and Social Review – a scientific magazine. The subjects are: economics, finance, international economics, quantitative methods, sociology, philosophy and history.We take care of the editorial process.


How we function?


A student interested in publishing his article sends his work to our editors. Then, it is submitted to a double-blind review by experts from Institute for Social and Economic Studies or researchers from Warsaw School of Economics.

Since January 2007 the magazine has been officially registered under the number ISSN 1897-1245. Since April 2010 it has been also issued in print.


What are our goals?


By working on Student’s Economic and Social Review we want to give students an opportunity to present their scientific achievements and facilitate their start in careers as researchers.


Do you want to join us?


Contact our editor:

Katarzyna Woźniak (




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